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  • Humble Human Maker


    Do you feel you are too arrogant? Or are you annoyed with any arrogant friend around you?


    Here is the treatment to change arrogant human to be humble. Everyone who is covered by Humble Human Maker will feel being a part of 10 tons of non-biodegradable garbage and have a chance to look back themselves by thinking how obnoxious and disgusting they could be.


    Control the level of self-esteem and be better human.




    Print on front & back side

    100% Cotton Short sleeved t-shirt

    (Fruit of the Loom - Super Premium)


    Size (cm)

    M: Width - 53.5 / Height - 72

    L: Width - 56 / Height - 74.5

    XL: Width - 61 / Height - 77




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